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Nihit P. - Berkeley, CA    On 1/26/2017  Our Yelp Page    
  • Extremely easy to navigate and very thorough, giving the traffic school using Gold Traffic School was very nice and stress-free. Would highly recommend it!
Lill H.- La Puente, CA On 11/28/2016 Our Yelp Page   
  • my sister and brother in law have already done gold traffic school.  so I decided that I was not going to mess with the long list the court house offered.  I loved that if I had to stop I didn't have to start all over. also loved that the tests were timed. I made a mistake in the profile and was able to correct them very quickly
Ben P. - San Diego, CA  On 5/27/2016  Our Yelp Page   
  • I did my research and out of 33 online schools I picked this one. I found them rather very simple to registered and did the cheapest one. I liked it a lot because it was very informative and the pictures and it was very easy to read. Took a little over an Hour and I passed the final exam same day. I was also surprised to see a treat at the end if you review them you get a complementary send SMS notification to your mobile and process your certificate within 4 hours.

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Kayla M.-  Santa Clara, CA   On 7/6/2016 Our Yelp Page   
  • This online traffic school is super straight forward, I highly recommend it. The 5 quizzes (4-6 questions) and the final (25 questions) are all common sense and things you should already know. Finished all 5 chapters and the final in under 1 hour. 
  • Coupon code I received for 20% off: 999
Cara O.-  San Francisco, CA  On 4/2/2016 Our Yelp Page   
  • Bought the Yelp coupon ($21 for a $24 course) -the "Platinum" course vs the "Silver" and "Gold" course I could have bought for $13 and $20 respectively. Would have been nice to spend a little less, but but with the Superior course, the school sends you email notification of when your course is submitted to the DMV, they'll send you a text, and they'll email you when the court views your completed certificate. 
  • If you do decide to buy the coupon, you may need to talk to the online helper, as my code didn't work and they needed to give me a new one.
  • The course was easy to follow, convenient, and can be completed as quickly or slowly as you desire it to be. Highly recommended. Best of luck to all the speeders and sad ticket-receivers.
Kyle R.- Fountain Valley, CA  On 10/15/2016 Our Yelp Page   
  • Really good website and easy to understand the questions. Each quiz was designed well with good usability.