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We are an official State Provider. Our 4-hr BDI Course is all online. Stop and start as needed. It is fun with interactions, and more so you don't have to read for 4 hours like those other boring providers.

Here are just some of our perks:

·         Unlimited Test Retakes

·         INSTANT & FREE Certificate download

Dismiss Tickets Fast & Easy

The entire course is open book

24/7 Live chat customer support

Only short and simple chapters

Start and Stop Anytime

100% money back guarantee

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Prevent Insurance Rates from Going Up*

We are DMV licensed

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Here is how our Certificate Delivery works for you:

  • Our certificate is always FREE.
  • As soon as you finish the course and pass the final, we’ll email you proof of completion.
  • Now, to wrap it up, we will NOTIFY Miami Dade County Clerk of Courts and All CA Courts.


Accepted by All 58 Counties and Courthouses in California

Accepted by miami dade county in Florida

Unlike in class traffic schools, you can start and stop our course anytime. Just make sure you finish the course before your court due date.


Feel like you wont pass our final exam? The good news is, on our Courses have Unlimited course attempts until you pass!
No Pass No worries, You can take the course again for free.

When you pass the final exam, a completion certificate is emailed to you right away. This will give you a peace of mind and if needed in the future you can show this to the court or to the DMV.

 Our final exam is open book.This means you can open our website in a new browser tab or window and read while you take the exam! How awesome is that!?

No more waiting for the exam results! As soon as you click the Submit button you get to know your results.